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After so much pain trying to resell all those ps plus codes and PSN Card that we found, we ended up asking ourselves a questions. Why are we trying to resell them? We don’t really need the money, in fact we do not care at all. So what’s the deal? Shall we just give away free PSN codes? What the heck why not after all!

We were sure some people would enjoy some free PS4 codes! We did not pay for those either so let’s give back to those who needs it!


Welcome to my website! I hope you’ll enjoy the visit here, well I believe you will since you’ll soon be getting completely FREE PSN CODES just for YOU! Oh and I’m not saying you are limited to a single Sony PSN Card… In fact you’ll be able to get as much of them as you want as long as you are motivated enough to go through our process several times.

So basically, a PSN Code Generator 2019 is simply a SaaS which means Software as a Website. Yes, this website is in reality a tool behind it, consistantly looking for unused PSN Codes, and we can assure you they are hundreds if not thousands of them! Howewer it’s obviously a bit more complicated than that. We’ve got thousands of thousands of proxies running 24/7 to ensure our database never runs out of PSN Gift Card. This is far to be just a little hobby, it’s more like a job, but we do enjoy it and we can show off to the public that this way of funding their wallet is NOT secure.

Any unused Playstation Card can be found and activated even before the legimate owner get to use it on his own PSN account.


Well we obviously thought about this since the very beginning, but it woudn’t be very legal in the first place… Also, it would be a little difficult since we didn’t have any way to sell them, of course we sold a few to our own friends and friends of their friends for very cheap, but this didn’t get very far as we ended up running out of interested people.

We seriously thought about approaching young people in the street, and offering them to buy our cheap Playstation Network Card but considering we are getting a bit old, and that we aren’t the most social beast out there, it would looked a bit weird and we obviously don’t want to draw attention on ourselves…

After that, we started looking to sell directly on the internet, and it was far to be that easy, we already knew that but we kept trying, we got scammed several times for many incredible amounts of money, and not just that, we also got our times stolen by those scammers since it took us a long time to put this process of obtaining free playstation codes and free ps plus codes.


Well yes and no. It depends on who’s the owner and what you get asked for to obtain a free PSN code. Obviously, if you get asked for any Credit Card informations, of even any very confidential data such as your SSN or Bank Account number. You are running into troubles and we recommend leaving those kind of websites immediately without leaking away your previous data.

Now there is also the case of some others that will not ask you for any of your private data, but might ask you to complete a survey, most certainly those kind of websites were working in the past, but we have heard of a lot of complaints about those, because they dont substain themselves on the long run and they ends up quitting the road, and not being able to find enough free PSN card to giveaway. Sad story but that’s how it is.

Howewer, if you look at our own PSN Generator, we strive to be 100 % legit and transparent. We have all the necessary skills and tools behind us to subtains ourselves for a long time, and we really want to raise awareness about this loophole allowing anyone to steal PSN code for free from their legitimate owner without any risk. You can make your own opinion, try us if you are not sure, it doesn’t cost a dime after all!

Free PSN Codes, How To Get Them?

Get your PSN Card Online today!

Welcome to www. We provide the best solution for anyone who is looking for a way to get Codes. Our PSN Code Generator service is worldwide available and has been exploited by many users before you. Anyone is able to get a PSN Code without spending a single buck. Simply click on the button “Free PSN Codes” and complete a few simple steps to get access to your Free PSN Card.

Sounds easy right?

In the first step, you will have to share our website with the social media. Of course, this is nothing compared to what you get in return. After you helped us to inform more people about this awesome service you will be redirected to the Generator. Here, you can select the value you want this can be a $20, $50 or $100 PSN Card. If you have any concerns about safety…

Don’t worry!

You will receive a code that can also be purchased at the regular gaming store. Sony won’t be able to tell the difference between whether you purchased it or generated it with the PSN Card Generator. You are just one step away from getting that new PlayStation Game you want so bad! We are just here to guide you through the process as quick as possible!

Free PSN Codes, What is it?

A PSN Code refers to a PlayStation Network code. This is one of the multiple payment methods offered by Sony to purchase games in the PlayStation Store.

Yes, we understand, playing on a PlayStation is expensive!

It is mostly used by younger persons who don’t have a credit card and therefore can’t purchase there PSN subscription online. There are multiple locations where you can buy them. An example would be the nearest retail game store or petrol station. It is very simple to exchange your card for in-game credit. Every PSN Gift Card includes its own unique code.

All the codes are 100% unused

This code represents a certain value that is expressed in the number of dollars or any other currency used in your country. In order to exchange the code, you should visit the PS Store. Here you can simply enter it and the PSN free will be added to your personal wallet.

The benefits of Online Free PS4 Codes vs a Disc

Using online Free ps4 Codes offers several benefits. At first, your Free PS Credit will be available in the online store. The online store is available 24/7, you can always purchase a new game without being constrained by the opening times of a physical store. Next, you will carry your new games with you for a lifetime on your account.

A disc can get damaged with the risk of losing your warranty on the game and eventually ending up with a game that can’t be played anymore.

Next, the PSN Code offers an additional benefit. When your game is online available, you can install it on two separate accounts. This way you are not the only one benefiting, but you can share it with one of your closest friends! Even though you can’t play it both at the same time. Thus, next to the simple fact that it’s free the PS4 Code Generator has a bunch of other benefits to taking advantage off!

How to redeem codes for the PS4?

Once you acquired you free PSN card it is evident that you will need to take some steps before you can start spending your Free PlayStation Money. The first requirement is that you have an online PS Account where you can redeem the ps4 code.

You need an account to redeem a code

If you don’t have one you can create one on your console or on the official website of PlayStation. Once you are logged into your account you will navigate towards the store. Here, you will search for the button that states “redeem code” in the left navigation bar. You simply enter the unique sequence of digits that is indicated on your PlayStation Store Code and click on the button below.

Wait some time

Now you are finished and you should wait for the money to show. If you need any more information regarding the PSN Code Generator you can contact us directly through the contact form. And don’t forget to spread the word, about this awesome service that provides you with a working method for Free PSN cards!

Free PSN Code Generator is it safe?

If you use our Free PSN Generator 2018, you are 100% protected by our advanced proxy system that works for all country’s. This System is based on the best security tweak to protect your information!. We can say that we made a waterproof system, this means that nobody ever would know that you have been using our generator. Keep in mind that we are hacking the code and you only claim them by our service. So, in this case,  Customers are 100% from any issue you can think off. Besides that, we make use of and Cloudflare protect so even your IP address is not stored or something like that. Most important part is that the Free PlayStation or Free PlayStation Plus Codes are showed on our website, so you do not need to fill in your email address or other personal information. If you do not want to be scammed and you are looking for Free PlayStation Plus Codes you are on the right website. The safest and fasted website that provide cards2018 is we. We are so proud of our service that we try to promote it and we ask you to share us on facebook so you can promote us. This is also the only thing that we need in return for our Free Ps plus codes services. So do not wait any longer and claim your codes PSN Free now.

The PlayStation Network PSN Code Generator allows you to create unlimited codes. This script is an easy way to find new PSN card codes without the hassle of surveys or risk of viruses from downloading a code-gen program.

A lot of pre-paid PSN card codes have already been used so keep on trying. Our generator gives you the best chance to unlock new PSN codes for a free $10, $20 or $50 gift card bonus.

Free PSN Codes Service 2018

PSN Codes Free, how to get them

Get your Free PSN Codes right now! Finally, a website where you can generate unlimited amount of your PSN code for free and redeem it in your PSN account. You can choose from 4 different cards. We even have a few Free PlayStation Plus Codes. If you scroll down you can find the options where you can choose between the amount of the PSN code. First of all, you have to click on the button ‘’Claim PSN Codes Now’’, then you will be redirected to the Free PSN code generator. You only have to finish two simple steps before you get your free PSN codes. Furthermore, you have to activate the downloaded code on your PSN account and claim your codes. Get yourself ready to open up the world where gaming is everything and entertainment are unlimited.

PSN Codes for Free What are they actually?

You can buy games in the Playstation store. However, in order to complete an online payment, you will need credit on your Playstation wallet. With a PSN Codes Free, you can buy various expansions or other downloadable content, for example, games and movies. Using our website brings benefits, it opens up a new world where you can purchase and store your games on your own account. So actually it is a code on the Free Playstation cards that is available in most stores around the world. With this PSN Code Generator service, you can make sure that you can use all the functions.  In conclusion with our service, you will have Free PS4 Games. So do not wait any longer and get some Free Ps Plus Codes.

How to use, Free PSN Code Generator.

We have already given lots of people a better experience and we insist on giving you a better experience too! First of all, you have to finish two simple steps before you will get your Free Playstation Plus Card Code. Once you have created your a PSN Codes Free, you have to log into your own account and redeem the code. You only have to wait a couple of minutes and your account is credited with the amount equal the PSN code acquired. Having the opportunity to try and play with this Free PS4 Games is certainly amazing because the games you can play right now are fun and exciting, something you will enjoy. So start our PSN codes free Generator now!

Benefits of Free PlayStation Network

We can help you save a lot of money which is more than impressive. By using free ps plus codes, you can purchase downloadable games, movies, TV shows, game add-ons and other stuff you can play or view on your PlayStation for free, so it will be free PS4 Games. You can also give your Free PSN Gift card to your dearest companions. Those codes can be redeemed in the Store and use them without a copy of the product. This digital access is also much more convenient than going to a physical store. If you decide to upgrade to PlayStation Plus, you’ll get many extra features. Important features are: online multiplayer, instant game collection, online game saves, online games save and exclusive discounts and betas.

Check our blog for the latest Free PS4 Games available when you having Free PSN Codes.

Free PSN Codes Generator 2019-2020

We all love to play games in free time. Playing Games will enlighten the mood and makes you free from stress. To play games outdoor, you should have the tools, and you need to set the time and place.

Some people can’t make time to play, but very interested in playing. It requires a lot of practice to be a real-time player. Then video games came into existence which is free to access and can play anytime from anywhere.

You just need to download and install the game on your device to play the game you like.

Video games are fun challenges that give the sole example of interactive diversion. With the rapid growth in technology, video games became quite popular. These are also used for educational and business purposes.

The consoles provided by video are the most prominent platforms and ranges from a giant mainframe computer to small computing devices. But moving on to the next levels, video games become costly, and players have to buy the games all the time if they want to play.

The growth in video games is also enhancing the digital media and providing fun to the users. One of the most popular video games that are easy to access to play the games is the Play Station Network.

It is the digital media entertainment service created and maintained by Sony Interactive Entertainment. You will fall in love with PS games if you are fond of online multiplayer games. You can find PSN players all around the world, and it is one of the most popular video games which people love to play.

How to get free PSN codes right now?

Everyone wants to get free PSN codes because they will the access to play the games online for free. Each PSN code contains 12 digits in a combination of letters and numbers. You can link this code to a specific reward on the Play station network. People love to get things for free. Am I right? To get them for free we spare so much time on the internet for the best and genuine ways.

Finding the free codes is not as easy as you may think. There are many scams happening on the web every day and people might still fall for their words. Do not pay a single buck to any of the sites to get the free PSN codes.

It is possible to earn codes online for free. But, a lot of scams happening on the web and most of the people get fooled and victimized every day. You may find many fake sites that take money away from your wallet. Don’t ever try those websites as you can see the code of PSN for free. If you want to generate the codes for free, then follow the below steps:

To retrieve the codes open the free PSN code generator in a new tab.

Scroll to the middle of the page where you can find three options. They are PSN subscription for three years, six years and 12 years.

Figure out the best one that suits you more from the subscriptions. Select the first option and click on the opportunity.

Choose the one that benefits you the most and click on the button Generate Code that is below the cards.

Now you will be redirected to the PSN code generator page where you will receive your reward.

The page will display the PSN code or play station gift that you have chosen. Tap the button click to generate, and the PSN code generator will start processing the location and adjust the code according to your area. It will take about 30 seconds to finish the process and shows the generated code to provide you the access.

The final step is to click the Secured Download option. The zone you are going to enter is safe, and this will not harm your system, so you don’t to worry about downloading. After completing the process of downloading, enter the code that unlocks your resources.You can enter as many codes you need for your game.

After acquiring the code, you can use it to access the network of PS, only if the code is not used before. Log in to your PlayStation account where you are headed towards the play station store. Here you will find a store where you can enter your code and press the button below. Enter the code as it is without any spelling mistakes. As it is case-sensitive, you need to enter more carefully.

If your code is valid, then your account is credited with the free online gameplay for few months. The amount of months to play free depends on the value of your code. It means that it depends on the decision you make whether you will get more or fewer months to play for free. Choose the highest amount of codes and enjoy playing games for free more months. As you have the choice of getting as many codes you want, earn more codes and use it whenever you need them.

Features of PSN codes:

Sony PlayStation stores the codes in the database and produces them to make it available for everybody. The database is engineered to generate multiple codes for millions of PSN player accounts. The infinite number of codes raises the benefits for the user and encourages them to play more and more. It offers multiple features that attract its users to use the codes for playing digital games without paying a single buck.

-PSN code generator is incredibly beneficial and less expensive. You can get unlimited codes if you know how to generate your PSN codes. You must learn how to generate PSN codes quickly with the help of technology.

-You are free to utilize the codes and can gather as many codes as you want. You can generate it from anywhere at anytime.

-You don’t need to download anything as the server generates the codes for you.

-The main benefit of PSN cards is that it enables you to get the game digitally.

-The codes are made within minutes, and you will get the codes into your email. It gives you the fastest access to the game and provides you simple way to earn points.

-Your account will be safe as it uses unparallel security and nobody will know that you are using a PS4 card.

Get unlimited PSN codes for free without verification or survey:

You can get unlimited free PSN codes without verification or survey. You just need to solve the captcha to get the codes into your account. It is one of the most genuine ways to earn money online. PSN codes offer amazing features to protect your earnings, information and other details. Generate your codes with any of the available devices like pc, tablet, or your android mobile. As signing up is free, you can take the full access to all settings and controls as per your desire. Do not waste your time now and just get to work now!

How to use the psn codes?

-You need to enter the valid username of your account to make use of PSN codes.

-Select your location or choose the auto-detect option and click next.

-Enter the desired amount $ you want. The generate will start designing your code.

-You need to verify that you are not a robot by entering the captcha to make use of the systems.

-Enter the captcha as it is shown and the money will get assigned to your PSN codes with the amount you have chosen.

After getting the code, choose the game which you like to download. All the games available in the play store does not suit up to your taste. So, you need to select the games according to your taste and choice.

That’s it! Enjoy playing games digitally as you have received the amount for free codes. Don’t you find this method simple, comfortable, and genuine one? If not then just give it a try, you don’t lose anything with just a simple try right! The time you have spent will only get wasted if this process doesn’t work. Otherwise, you may miss the great opportunity to earn the codes for free.

How To Get Free PSN Codes Instantly?

Use unlimited Free Psn Codes and buy all your desired Games instantly by using our Free Psn Codes Generator. We have the best in class genuine psn codes generator that actually works and give you free psn card codes worth $10, $20, $50 and $100. The best way to get psn codes for free from this website is to follow the proper guidelines and complete each and every step you are given to get these codes instantly in your account. First, as a complement you need to like and share this website with your positive review on any of your social media account. Your each positive share will help us to reach and serve more people around you so that they can also have the pleasure to get free psn gift card codes to use in their account. Once you have shared our website, you will be able to access our secured psn codes generator. Now select the amount of psn card you want to generate i.e. $10, $20, $50, $100 and tap on generate button. Before generating the actual codes, our system will verify once if it is a real person completing the process or is there any automated bot who is stealing our secured codes? Once verified, you will get your psn code that can be easily used to buy online games in the PlayStation. Don’t worry, your psn account will be as safe as it was before. No one can make the difference between the real psn codes and the codes that we have generated instantly. Now that you know how to get free psn code from this website, why don’t you give it a try yourself and generate unlimited psn card codes for free.

How To Redeem Free Psn Codes In Your Account?

The process of redeeming these psn card codes is as same as you redeem your regular psn card codes from your gaming console like ps3 or ps4 and from the official PlayStation website online. If you are new to psn world, then let me tell you the procedure. Create your account on the console you have or just visit the PlayStation website and do the same. Once your account is created, go to the store then find the Redeem Code Button by navigation and exploring that window. Simply enter your Free Playstation Store Code you have generated and press the redeem button. You should see your upgraded balance amount in your account once the code is processed successfully.

Is it Safe to Use Free Psn Code Generator online?

Yes. This psn card generator you are going to use is harmless and will only work to generate free codes that can be used to redeem in your PlayStation Account. Do not worry about its authenticity, because before releasing it online we have tested it thousands of time and every time it has generated the working codes only. As far as your device’s security is concerned, then let me tell you that you are going to use this psn code generator tool on our secured servers only. That means all the psn card generator process will happen on our servers only and you’re PC, Laptop or mobile device will have no direct contact with our tool during the process. That means your devices will also be safe and secured as they were before using it.

Why Should I Generate PSN Codes From Here?

In order to get free psn codes, you will find lots of fake websites online that will only spam you in the name of giving you free psn codes. But in case of our website, we have served more than a million satisfied users till today with our reliable and 100% working free psn codes generator online. There are peoples who are our regular user of ps4 code generator tool and they are very happy with our service. If you are still confused about our service, then you can easily check our reputation on various social networks and see our user’s reviews about us. However, the best way to test our service is to use it for at least once. The day you got disappointed with our service, will be the last day you will see this website.

How to Use this PSN Code Generator Effectively?

In order to get free ps4 codes using this ps4 code generator, you first have to go step by step and do all the needy procedures carefully without skipping a single one. Remember, this online generator for psn codes is very sensitive and can detect users abnormal behavior. It is better to go step by step and complete all the process in order to generate free codes for psn successfully. Don’t go back in between the process is going on and use the strong internet connection to avoid unnecessary disturbance.

Get Your Free PSN Codes Today!

Now that you come to know all the aspects about our free psn codes generator and how it works to give you unlimited free codes instantly, why don’t you just try it now? We know that you must be worried about security concerns, so we want you to make sure that our psn card generator is 100% safe to use and is enabled with virus protection. So go ahead and generate free psn cards instantly for your account before the psn find it. Your one try can change your life forever..!

Free PSN codes in a wink of an eye

These days you hear everybody talk about PlayStation codes and free psn codes no survey. It all started when Sony decided to launch a store that is connected to their gaming console, the PlayStation. The idea behind all these free PSN codes is that you try to acquire content, such as videos and games, for free. Especially since prizes of many products/content is quite high. Therefore, the free PSN code generator got developed. It does not matter if you are active on a PlayStation 3, PS4, vita, portable or the PlayStation pro. The free PSN codes will work on all of them since the all use the PlayStation Network. If you ever played online you are more familiar, but you will need a PSN account. This is called a PSN master account, which comes with an online PSN wallet. Usually you need to connect your account to a credit or debit card. Not today! Claim your free PSN codes now!

How to get PS plus for free?

It is as easy as it sounds. Follow the steps and you can start with online gaming in no time. Read more here about the free PSN code generator.

Step 1 Let your friends and family know about this awesome method to get free PlayStation plus.

Step 2 Select the gift card for PlayStation that you would like to get

Step 3 Write your free PSN codes down so you won’t forget it. Use it on your own account and start gaming!

What is the best way to use a free PlayStation gift card?

Sony PlayStation offers different kinds of gift cards. You can find them in store or online. These ps gift cards offer you a playstation plus membership or playstation store credit. On this blog you can find information about how to get and use a PlayStation gift card. The free PSN codes that you will receive are redeemable in the official PlayStation Network store. Continue reading if you want to more additional information regarding PlayStation gift cards. Online gaming used to be for free. Unfortunately, PSN is charging you a small monthly fee these days. However, this monthly fee is not for everybody. PS store credit en a PS plus membership are available for free through a PlayStation code generator. The generator is developed for everyone who loves gaming but is limited due to his or her financials.

Free trial code for PlayStation Plus

The trial for PlayStation plus is regularly valid for just 14 days. Unlimited playing time online, but just for a small period of 2 weeks. Even though you now can play online you will still need to connect it to your online PSN wallet to download content. Now there is a way to not just have a trial code for PSN for 14 days, but for a whole year free PlayStation plus! With these free PSN codes you will have a fair chance of really trying out the online gaming scene with your PlayStation. This also includes the free games you will receive on a monthly base with a regular PlayStation plus subscription. After a year you can reaceive the PlayStation plus trial code again by using the generator for a second time. If it feels like you do not have enough free ps games on a monthly base, try out the free ps gift cards instead of ps plus trial code. You can now download a few playstation games for free!

PS giftcard hack

Some gamers want PS plus and other want free PSN store credit. Either way, you came to the right spot! Free PSN codes can be claimed with this PlayStation code hack that offers 3 different PS cards. Choose the one of your liking and start your PlayStation card hack. The free PS plus hack is smooth, easy and safe to use. In other words, try out the PS giftcard hack today.

PlayStation Codes and Media

As noticed before, the only thing you need to do to acquire a PlayStation code is to share online. Social media accounts can be found by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the page or by going through the process of claiming free PSN codes. There are special prizes to win on the social media pages so beware of this and check regularly. Updates about the generator will be announced through social media as well. May you have questions after this read, please feel free to contact us on the contact page. If you prefer social media that is possible as well. For more information about PlayStation Codes and Media check out our blog.

PSNCodes – Free PSN Codes Using PSN Codes Generator Online For Gamer

We’re always looking for an opportunity to gain free things. Who doesn’t like free things, right? This article is the ultimate guide to get free PSN codes with the help of free PSN Codes Generator.

Even though we might say free PSN codes. It is important to understand that nothing comes free in this world. In order to get these free PSN Discount Code, you’ll have to do certain tasks in return. So, here are the various methods you can use to get Free PSN Codes.

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